Press: Apex – MyLounge Gatwick South

APEX Media spoke with the architect responsible for the Gatwick’s My Lounge facility about how the space was designed to create a work-from-home atmosphere.

London-based architectural practice InsideOut was in charge of creating a 3,800-square-foot My Lounge facility in Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal. The space, which has been open since late 2018, is accessible either by invite from an airline, by using a member card or by booking a ticket online or at the airport.

The lounge has capacity for over 100 guests across a range of different zones, including a dining room and TV lounge centered around a large self-service food and drink counter that offers guests the chance to make their own pancakes, become a cocktail mixologist or pour their own beer.

A games room contains a large lounging sofa, PlayStation games console and DVD Player. “Both of these are available in all My Lounges worldwide, however, for this lounge, we’ve also incorporated antique board games and a retro arcade gaming table,” said Daniel Stern, InsideOut’s project architect.

The main objective was for the lounge to create the feeling of “home comforts.” Stern explained, “The two main materials we used are darkened steel and cross sawn stained oak. These combine with a natural color palette to create the Scandinavian Industrial aesthetic. Brighter earth tones – greens, oranges, yellows and blues – are projected through geometric wallpapers and furniture fabric. Bold colors are applied to the livelier spaces, with calmer tones found in the quieter zones.”

“Tactile surfaces, like the exposed brick wall, rough timber joinery, reclaimed timber wall paneling and textured fabrics add depth and character to the lounge,” he continued. “In an airport environment where spaces are often very sterile, these details bring a welcome change that really invites guests into a completely different environment.”

Gatwick’s My Lounge also offers views over the airport concourse and access to a rooftop terrace, which is the only outdoor space at London Gatwick Airport beyond security.

“This project was of a longer duration than most similar projects that we undertake. From appointment to opening, we were working on this project for some 18 months,” said InsideOut’s commercial director, Chris Parker. “In addition to the lounge brand refresh and fitout, InsideOut also project-managed the strip-out of the previous occupier’s lounge and undertook the design and project management of an upgrade to the building fabric to meet Gatwick’s shell and core standards.”

InsideOut has been acting as architect and interior designer for No1 Lounges Ltd.’s four brands – My Lounge, No1 Lounge, Clubrooms and The House – for over 10 years and has completed 18 projects for them to date across the UK and, most recently, in Brisbane, Australia.

InsideOut’s design for the Brisbane My Lounge also adheres to the Scandinavian industrial aesthetic, but has been adapted to suit the Australian market with slightly less defined spaces to reflect their more relaxed culture.

Words by Stephanie Taylor read the full article here