A Commercial Celebration

2019 brought big changes for InsideOut; our team expanded, we moved to a new studio, and embarked on new projects with new clients. Our commercial team delivered projects not only within the UK, but also ‘down under’ as part of a client’s portfolio expansion into Australia.

Implementing a Brand

Towards the end of 2018, InsideOut’s interior design team were tasked with refreshing three airport lounge brands, and in 2019 we had the opportunity to implement them in five very different projects. Continuing a 10-year relationship with No1 Lounges, we delivered two new Clubroom Lounges in Birmingham and Luton Airports, one new No1 Lounge in Edinburgh Airport and two MyLounges in Gatwick and Brisbane Airports. Our expertise in the airport sector enables us to design, coordinate and project-manage these fast-paced commercial fitouts from inception to launch day.

Partnering and Collaborative Delivery

Recently, InsideOut began working with Pret A Manger. We are assisting in the delivery of three new stores during the first quarter of 2020; a flagship store in Heathrow Terminal 2, a store in Edinburgh Airport and a high street shop in Knightsbridge. We look forward to further collaborating and expanding Pret’s portfolio and developing a brand we all know and love.

The Future

As an Employee Ownership Trust, we sat down at the beginning of the year to remind ourselves of the InsideOut ethos. Our continued success is inextricably linked to our supportive working environment, where individuals feel confident, enabled and empowered. This is reflected in our diverse range of work, high staff retention and continued pride in the projects that we deliver. To ensure that we continue to produce work to an industry-leading standard, this year we are expanding our technological capability with the introduction of BIM, and further refining our accredited ISO 9001/14001 quality and environmental management procedures.