Eco-Blast: Do you know your average annual carbon footprint?

We all like to go on holidays abroad; see some beautiful buildings, enjoy good food and leave the British grey behind us. But how does this effect our carbon foot print? has a calculator that allows you to track carbon footprint across many fields, including air travel.

If you’re interested to learn more about ways you can reduce carbon footprint when flying, this blog by Josh Lew is a good start.┬áSome things are more obvious than others, like flying less often and carbon offsetting. However, some are more interesting, such as finding out that flying long distance is more carbon efficient than short haul, as most fuel is used for take-off. Maybe we should consider switching our short haul flights for alternative means of travel? There are also some airlines beginning to use BioFuels in their planes, which will help reduce carbon emissions.

For those interested in knowing their estimate average annual carbon footprint, check out this easy to use tool. Though very basic, it compares you to the UK average and gives you something to think about if you want to try and reduce your carbon footprint.

Have a great Low-Carbon Summer!

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