InsideOut becomes an EOT

Becoming an Employee Ownership Trust was a natural next step for InsideOut. Our strong collaborative culture, fervent investment in our employees and consistent annual profit sharing have all been key aspects of the way we run our practice.

Our extremely talented and committed staff are the key to our success. Every single member of the team plays an important role in the business, resulting in a democratic workplace where everyone’s opinions matter, regardless of role or seniority.

We have always been openly proud of our high staff retention, with the majority of our employees having trained up within the practice to become the experienced Architects and Designers they are today; collectively delivering an exceptional quality of service to our clients.

Having discussed the idea of becoming an EOT at length with all our staff, we have as a team decided it is a perfect fit and that now is the right time for us.

We are therefore extremely pleased to announce that as of April 2019, InsideOut will be owned by its employees, who are all excited to continue to deliver the high value and excellent quality of service we are known for.