Fourth Warehouse Loft Complete

InsideOut have just completed the fourth in a series of loft refurbishments at a converted warehouse in Clerkenwell.  All four dwellings celebrate the exposed concrete structure while each embodies a distinct identity, reflecting the brief and tastes of the various clients.

This last project focussed on lighting redesign, which highlights the varied and tactile finish of the concrete, as well as acoustic performance, as both clients are musicians. Quality of sound was key, given the tall spaces and concrete ceilings, as was acoustic separation for the separate practice spaces. Discreet acoustic absorption was built into key areas of the concrete ceiling and sound diffusing battens were included along the separating joinery wall.

Further joinery and bespoke free-standing furniture is integrated throughout the home, unifying the spaces with a collection of minimal details and neutral dark tones, creating a calming environment throughout.

Watch this space for upcoming photos and check out the past projects here:

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