Summertime And The Weather Is Breezy

Time for an update to a successful post from 3 years ago!

Global warming is real folks, which means our summers are staying warmer for longer! 

I previously shared a few links on some sustainable, low-impact ways to stay cool in the summer heat and some links to designing cooler buildings in a passive, ‘low-tech’ and low-energy way. Here is the list again, but I have added a few more that I thought might be of interest:

Staying Cool

  • NEW! – 18 more cooling techniques – Link
  • Keeping it cool in the day – Link
  • Keeping it cool at night – Link
  • Get some plants! – Link

Cool Design

  • NEW! – How Singapore Uses Science to Stay Cool – Video Link
  • NEW! – Clay pots used as low impact evaporative coolers – Video Link
  • NEW! – Termite inspired passive cooling design – Video Link
  • Here are some design considerations from a Passivhaus viewpoint – Link
  • Examples of some general design principles for designing a building in hot weather – Link
  • 3D printed bricks that encourage natural evaporative cooling – Link