Get Going Growing Gardens

Summer is here! This means the sun is shining, people are out enjoying the heat, and plants are gorging themselves on all that natural UV. 

Since my first ever ECO-Blast, where I posted this video on how to grow your own fresh air with indoor plants, InsideOut have filled the office with beautiful and luscious O2 producing life!

With lockdowns and restrictions coming to their end, but working from home looking to become a permanent part of our lifestyles, maybe it’s time to look at some other planting opportunities – Gardens!

There has been a lot of research into the environmental, physical and mental health advantages of gardening. Rather than bore you with a list of all the benefits, Sophie Thomson does a far more entertaining job with this video on how gardening can save the world. 

For those of us city dwellers, living in our flats or gardenless homes, fear not, there are lots of ways to satisfy that growing urge. Get yourself some indoor plants, or go a step further and DIY yourself a window garden like Britta Riley. Alternatively, if your house is already overflowing with greenery, connect with your local community garden or take a leaf out of this book and release the guerrilla inside of you!