The Home of 2030

This manifesto presents our vision and ideas for a better future in housing design. The content of this report was created for our submission to the RIBA Home of 2030 design competition. The research and design principles, that have been collated into this manifesto, give you an idea of how InsideOut endeavours to deliver high quality, healthy, sustainable and inclusive homes.

By their nature, homes are not only where we experience life, but an environment that can enable it. Our proposals seek to challenge the fundamental principles that shape life within the home and its surroundings. Our wider approach proposes a concept for the home and environment that is adaptable and deliverable through the scale of densities.

Our concept enables community cohesion, inclusiveness, wellbeing and social connectivity. It strives to balance a design-led, demographic approach with increased energy performance and reduced environmental impact. It utilises proven and emerging technologies to create an efficient and sustainable environment for the home of the future.