LFA folly design

As part of Interpreted Identities for the London Festival of Architecture, we have collaborated with Bankside Open Spaces Trust to exhibit our installation or, ‘folly’, which interprets the identity of SE1 figure, Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan.

Our approach to the folly is focused on the shift that occurred in Consuelo’s life. As she moved into a life focused on philanthropy and service, she chose to use the ordered wealth and privilege from her previous life to reach out into the community to make a difference. To mirror this, coloured ribbon-like elements will represent Consuelo’s multiple talents and gifts. Weaved orderly and tightly to one side of the folly, the individual ribbons will start to unravel and stretch in different directions to loosely create shelter and a sense of space and playfulness. The folly will be on display throughout June.