More Than Just Architects

In the past, InsideOut has played the role of a traditional architect, offering the full range of services outlined in the RIBA Plan of Work. Often this means full involvement in a project at every stage, but not every project calls for this. 

More recently, InsideOut has been approached and appointed to provide a different, more focussed service. Whether it’s acting as advising architect for the client on a project already on-site or interior design consultant to a previously tendered project. We are now providing a range of services that draw from our varied expertise gained across multiple sectors in the industry.

We currently have two projects at very different stages where we are not acting as the archetype “architect”. The first of these projects is a tad hush hush, but Interior Designer Marianna is leading a purely interior-focussed project. Most of our designs are both interior and exterior led, and it can be hard to differentiate as the lines are constantly blurred to achieve the clients desired brief. Marianna is working closely with our client to establish the right look and feel for their space. , developing a rich material palette, alongside bespoke joinery design and furniture choices. Sure, a few walls may move but this is one of our first interior only design projects and we are excited to see the aesthetic direction develop between designer and client.  

Another service we provide to our clients is architectural and project consultation, or acting as client agent. Towards the end of last year, Senior Designer Andrea started working with one of our long-standing clients to advise them on one of their on-site developments in West Hampstead. We are not the appointed designers, however, Andrea has attended monthly site visits to review construction, planning and regulatory issues on this complex site. We have also assisted in creating presentation information, such as mood boards internal elevations and design explorations, for our client to successfully secure funding. 

This type of service has numerous benefits, not only for the client and the overall development but also for us. While we pride ourselves on not having one particular style its always interesting to see the direction of a Design and Build project runs and how sometimes that second option or a more zoomed-in look can ensure a truly successful project. We look forward to this project completion towards the end of the year.