The Beginning of Mowlem

We are excited to announce that our latest multi-unit residential project is about to get underway, not Long after the completion of our previous multi-unit project the Residential Apartments & Mews in Lambeth. This project will renovate and extend an existing building to provide three additional storeys and offer 12 high-quality apartments in Zone 2, London.

This development will dramatically improve the quality of life for the existing residents, improving the energy & acoustic performance of the building. We have also been able to provide a lift, bringing much-needed accessibility to the building.

One of the challenges for the client was managing the loss of income from the existing during the construction works. InsideOut developed the detail design to speed up construction by specifying materials that reduce on-site processes and offer better build quality to reduce risks of test failures and reworks towards the end of the project. We also chose materials that weatherproof the building quickly, meaning the contractor can begin interior works sooner. Among other strategies, InsideOut has developed a design that reduces programme, increases quality and reduces risk. We are now looking forward to seeing how design vs construction compares on-site.