One Year Down

InsideOut will celebrate its 18th year in 2020 and what an eventful one it has been thus far! InsideOut also have a very special first birthday coming up. On Friday the 8th of May, we will celebrate our first year as an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).  

As an EOT, we sat down at the beginning of the year to remind ourselves of the InsideOut ethos. Our continued success is inextricably linked to our supportive working environment, where individuals feel confident, enabled and empowered. This is reflected in our diverse range of work, high staff retention and pride in the projects we deliver.   

The transition to an EOT was, to be frank, surprisingly easy. The ideals of an EOT have always been embedded within InsideOut, so it was more a case of going through the formalities.  

Over the past year, InsideOut established its EOT Council with members from each level of the practice, ensuring everyone was represented. This council is empowered to be actively involved in the management of the practice and consulted by directors to ensure democratic buy-in on all our major decisions.

Our non-hierarchical structure continues to benefit our individual team members and the projects we deliver. We look forward to many more years as an EOT.