Press: Life after lockdown

Watching the emergency services’ response to Covid-19, we felt a bit helpless and wanted to give something back ourselves. So, we’re offering free design consultations throughout May for those who wouldn’t normally access this type of service. We’re offering advice to independent hospitality and commercial businesses who are having to adapt very quickly as well as to homeowners who are confined to their homes and thinking about the improvements they could make to their spaces.

Hopefully this will have positive consequences all round. 

We’re trying to make the most of our time. We’ve set up a virtual ‘InsideOut Academy’ to maximise knowledge sharing and training opportunities within the team (such as Revit and other software as well as more general CPD). We’re about to complete a build of 14 Passivhaus houses in Kent, so will be doing some in-house training on thermal bridge-free detailing for all our staff.

We’re also thinking longer term for when we start to transition back to some form of office working. Many businesses are having to make quick decisions about their studio leases. With our network of like-minded consultants, we’re thinking of hosting a multi-disciplinary shared working space out of our studios. It will be a good way of coming together that will lead to long-term benefits for everyone.

By Pamela Buxton for the RIBA Journal, read the full article here