4. Don’t go it alone

Top tips to avoid going over-budget and over-time on your home refurbishment

04 – Don’t go it alone We’ve all seen the Grand Design’s episode where the homeowner fires his professional team and main contractor to save money for a designer kitchen, attempting to manage the project and sub-contract out the works to complete before their new baby enters the world – please don’t let that person be you. There is a good reason for the existence of professional consultants and main contractors. Through training and experience they can foresee major issues before they happen and manage the project to minimise risk; all the while making sure that you comply with the complex web of statutory legislation (building regulations, planning law, health & safety law etc.). InsideOut Architecture Page 3 of 4 6-8 Cole Street, London, SE1 4YH

Saying this, if you are a trained carpenter, and have taken a year off work to build your own off-grid eco home in the woods – go for it!