Back to life, back to reality.

Aside from trying to keep ourselves and those around us healthy, the past few testing months have presented themselves as a unique opportunity for introspection, critical evaluation and problem solving. As Duke Ellington once said… “A problem is a chance for you to do your best.’ Our InsideOut team have taken this opportunity head on.
Early implementation of the few measures we set out in our contribution to this RIBA J article coupled with a swift transition to home working allowed us to look beyond mere business survival and fully focus on servicing our clients, existing and new.
Never has there been a more important time for close collaboration, open communication and resource sharing; balancing the absence of physical presence and face-to-face meetings. Modern technology has taken care of that.
What is now essential for a successful and sustainable practice, is to have an uncompromising commitment to providing flexibility, empowerment, staff wellbeing and an open forum for everyone to voice their thoughts, ideas and concerns. Being an Employee Ownership Trust, these have been our priorities for some time now, and the past few months have only served to further strengthen our team-wide belief that we are on the right track.
Looking outwards, we continue to build upon and nurture our long-standing relationships with our clients and collaborators; with each of our highly professional and personable team members being the key to our success.
In design terms, we are also walking our talk. At a societal level, establishing foundations for community and creating sustainable homes and neighbourhoods is our current urgent collective challenge and responsibility. We take this responsibility very seriously, and as recently featured in our Collaborative Change Webinar, we are working closely with our current developer clients and like-minded consultants on the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective, sustainable housing across all of our residential projects.
There is no denying that we have taken on our small share of bumps and bruises experienced by the construction industry during the past few months, but we accept them with grace, resilience and a quietly confident determination. A newly built up callus; one that gets stronger and easier to maintain over time.